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Tailor-made Wooden Terrarium

It is neat, nice-looking, stable, practical and durable, even to be a part of decoration at your home.

Our professional carpenters make high quality wooden cages in different sizes and shapes. It is the ultimate choice for a 100% customized terrarium fitting all of your and your reptiles' requirments.

It can be wide, for terrestrial reptiles; it can be tall, for arboreal reptiles; it can be more ventilative; it can have more sockets; it can fit whatever just you want it to be.

To have your own cage, have your own style, contact us for quotation. Temporality not available until further notice.




Full ventilation assists in the removal of any airborne bacteria.

easy storage

suitable for all types of reptiles, especially chameleons, day geckos and all types of rainforest species.


65 Gallon
16.5 inch (W) x 30 inch (L) x 28 inch (H)

38 Gallon
16.5 inch (W) x 30 inch (L) x 16.5 inch (H)

22 Gallon
14.5 inch (W) x14.5 inch (L) x 25 inch (H)

Glass Terrarium

It is a high quality Japan-made glass cage that is neat, stable, excellent and convenient for small to moderate reptiles. Watching and cleaning is easy. It is also great for temperature and humidity keeping.

Different sizes and sharps are available.


Cat Country Bedding

Cat Country Bedding is the absolute best and safest bedding you can provide for your reptiles. Cat Country Reptile Bedding can be safely consumed because it is made from natural alfalfa and a passable component for reptiles. Contains a bacteriostatic agent to help reduce germs and bacterial growth.

Recycled Paper Bedding

It is a popular choice of substrate in worldwide. It has great absorbency and makes cleaning an easy job. It specially suits for tortoises and lizards keeping.

Repti Bark

1. All Natural! Made from the bark of fir trees.
2. Hygroscopic. This means it absorbs moisture and then releases it, creating humidity. The perfect substrate for humidity loving reptiles.
3. Conducts and evenly distributes heat.
4. Adds environmental stimulus. Allows natural digging and burrowing activity.
5. Absorbent. Pulls icky waste away from your animal.
6. Decorative. Provides your terrarium with that natural tropical rainforest look!
7. Re-usable and super easy to maintain! All you have to do is soak in hot water every 2 to 3 months for fresh, clean bark. (ReptiBark should be replaced at least once a year).
8. Smaller chips provide better moisture retention (increased surface area). Prevents live food from hanging out in your substrate (small pieces interlock)!
4 qt

Coconut Bark

It is an attractive natural bark made completely from coconut shells. This bark is perfect for humid or arid environments. Not only does this bark look good, it is non-toxic and harmless if ingested. T-Rex Coconut Bark absorbs better than other bedding substrates and makes spot cleaning easy. A great addition to any vivarium.



It is a fine granular calciferous sand specially prepared to be an ideal reptile cage substrate for snakes, lizards, tortoises, and turtles.



It is the only substrate for reptiles designed to be not only ingestible, but digestible when swallowed. Many reptiles freely eat particules of sand and other substrates in an effort to gain the calcium that they require. Calci-Sand allows this process to occur naturally in the vivarium.

(being a mineral) is safe in direct contact with heating elements. It conducts heat well and it is suitable for use with heat mats or cables buried under it to a swallow depth. It does not harbor mites and inhibits the growth of molds or fungus.

It makes spot cleaning both easy and accurate. Calci-Sand clumps readily to wet waste material, drying it and preventing it from being spread throughout the enclosure.

It is now available in nine colors: Chocolate Brown, Red Rock, Natural White, Blue, Green, Cherry Red, Biege, Black and the newest color - Glo-in-the-Dark. All colors are created with F.D.A. approved natural food colorants.


Repti Sand

1. Natural Colors! No added dyes or chemicals.
2. Stimulates natural digging and burrowing behavior.
3. Excellent heat conductor.
4. Excellent egg-laying medium for many reptiles
5. Creates a very naturalistic and attractive environment for desert reptile species.
6. Long lasting and easy to clean!
5 lb. Natural Red

Forest Bed

It is an expandable natural substrate perfect for tropical type vivaria. Compressed for easy storage, Forest Bed will expand to nearly 8 times of bedding material . Forest Bed has an incredible capacity for holding moisture, is non toxic, and odorless.


Forest Moss

It is a clump of live, parasite free, dried moss that when moistened and rehydrated will grow. Forest Moss makes for an incredibly natural looking habitat floor. Forest Moss may also be used on rocks, backgrounds and many other cage furnishings to add the most realistic look and feel to any vivarium.


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