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All Natural Iguana Pelleted Food

1. All natural! No artificial colors, flavors, scents or preservatives. Just the good stuff!
2. Naturally fortified with Spirulina, bee pollen and beta carotene. Natural additives provide essential amino acids, enzymes and vitamins to promote overall health and vigor! Yummy!
3. Vitamin C naturally preserves freshness.
4. First soft moist pellet formula. No need to add water!
5. Sun dried alfalfa based (naturally calcium/phosphorus balanced 2:1) instead of corn (unbalanced calcium/phosphorus 1:13).
6. We don't use unnecessary fillers or bake our foods full of air to cut costs! (Less expensive per ounce than corn-based foods.)
7. 100% complete money-back guarantee!
8. Food is based on legumes, which is what iguanas eat in the wild!
20 oz. Juvenile

Dry Iguana Formulas

A nutritionally balanced range of diets for Green Iguanas and other herbivorous lizards. Our FRUIT AND FLOWER FORMULA and VEGI FORMULA provide complete and balanced nutrition with the variety of flavor that is preferred by all Iguanas. JUVENILE and ADULT recipes are available for the proper nutrition of all life-stages.

T-REX IGUANA FORMULAS contain all vegetable protein and are supplemented with all the necessary vitamins, amino acids and trace minerals. They are calcium/phosphorus fortified at a 2:1 ratio and contain ample amounts of Vitamin D3 for lizards that don't get enough natural sunlight.

T-REX IGUANA DRY FORMULAS may be used as a staple diet or as a convenient supplement. They may be fed dry, moistened, or mixed with fresh fruits and vegetables.

T-REX DRY IGUANA FORMULAS are highly palatable, easily metabolized and available in three convenient and cost effective sizes from 6 ounces up to 2 pounds.

12 oz.

Bearded Dragon Soft-Moist Pelleted Food

Zoo Med's Bearded Dragon Food is the only soft moist formula dragon food available! In the wild, Bearded Dragons derive the majority of the water they need from eating high moisture content plants and flowers. (Like dandelion greens/86% water!) Because of this, feeding a dried food makes no sense, and adding water to dried food causes rapid spoilage and fermentation. Zoo Med's soft moist formula solves the above feeding problem, as there is no need to add water to this food!

10 oz. Juvenile

Bearded Dragon Dry Formula

a complete and balanced diet. It was formulated by a veterinarian and then generationally tested in zoos. After two and a half years of development and field studies, we are proud to offer T-Rex Bearded Dragon Dry Formula as part of our industry-leading nutritional products.

Current estimates are that at least 250,000 inland bearded dragons (Pogona Vitticeps) will be produced in the United States during 1997 and probably one million or more in 1998. The Bearded Dragon, herpetoculture's version of the guppy or goldfish, is destined to overtake a market once dominated by the green iguana.

8 oz.

Box Turtle & Tortoise Soft-Moist Pelleted Food

A completely balanced soft, moist food for all types of box turtles and tortoises.

Zoo Med's Box Turtle & Tortoise Food is formulated as a completely balanced diet for all types of box turtles or land tortoises. This diet supplies all needed nutrients as identified by zoo nutritionists. The ingredients have been carefully selected for their palatability, quality and digestibility. The following types of box turtles and tortoises dine regularly on Zoo Med's Box Turtle & Tortoise Food at our Reptile Breeding Facility: 3-Toed and Ornate Box Turtles, Russian, Pancake, Leopard, Red Foot and Sulcata Tortoises.

20 oz. Pellet

Tortoise Dry Formula

Has been developed in conjuction with some of the world's leading authorities on the breeding and care of turtles and tortoises.

Since tortoises are strictly vegetarians in nature, T-Rex Dry Tortoise Formula is a 100% vegetable diet, high in fiber, low in fat content and moderate in protein at 13%.

T-Rex Dry Tortoise Formula is highly palatable, calcium-fortified and formulated for complete balanced nutrition.

12 / 24 oz. Pellet

Aquatic Turtle Food

A low protein floating pellet food for all kinds of aquatic turtles. Lower protein levels ensure proper shell development and healthy internal organs. We made them float so your turtle can feed at the surface! This means less uneaten food and spoilage.

8.75 oz.

Bug Grub

It is important to feed your crickets and locusts to keep them healthy prior to feeding to your precious pets, it is not unheard of for hungry crickets and locusts to cause skin damage to the reptiles meant to eat them. Vetarks BUG GRUB provides an ideal diet which increases their calcium content making them a crunchy treat!


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