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ESU Vibrating Feeding Dish

1. battery operated
2. triggers feeding behavior in insectivorous reptiles
3. an alternative to feeding live insects
4. five minutes auto shut-off

REPTI Rock Water Dish

1. Realistic rock water/feed bowl adds a more natural look to your terrarium while providing safety and quality too!
2. Constructed of foamed polystyrene! Does not release dangerous toxic residues into the water.
3. Molded "stairs" prevent drowning of smaller reptiles and amphibians.
4. Smooth non-pitted, non-porous surface will not absorb bacteria, stain or leak, making it a cinch to clean.
5. Super Strong! Will not break when accidentally dropped!
6. Available in Green, Brown or Grey
Extra Small
Extra Large

REPTI Ramp Bowl

1. Extra large size ramp bowl allows easy " In and Out " access for your animals.
2. Great for tortoises and box turtles.
3. Washable, no micro pitting ( like resin bowls ) plus unbreakable material.

REPTI Shelter 3 in 1 Cave

1. Provide a naturalistic shelter for snakes, lizards, amphibians and invertebrates while helping to prevent stress, bab sheds and egg blinding.
2. Create a humid " Microclimate " inside the cave necessary for shedding and proper respiratory functions of reptiles and amphibians.
3. Provides a nesting site, allowing you to enjoy breeding several species of snakes and lizards including Leopard Geckos.

Turtle Dock

1. Unique self leveling feature automatically adjusts to all water levels.
2. Submerged ramp allows turtles easy access to dry area.
3. Allows aquatic turtles a dry basking area for maximum exposure to heat and UVB lamps.
4. Can also be used for aquatic newts or frogs.

Habba Hut

1. Adds much needed privacy to any reptiles terrarium. A perfect way to help reptiles feel safe and secure, reduces the stress associated with keeping animals in captivity.
2. A natural alternative to plastic or resin hiding areas. Aids in keeping your terrarium realistic and natural looking.
3. Available in five sizes to meet almost any reptile's needs!
4. Place moistened Terrarium Moss inside Habba Hut to provide a humid shelter.
5. Also great for use with hamsters, mice, rats, ferrets, hedgehogs, guinea pigs and other popular pets!
Medium Size
Large Size
X-Large Size

Habba Tree

A natural wood and moss cage furniture designed for reptiles that love to climb. Also great for use with birds and various rodents.

Reg. Size (8"-10")

Premium Sand-Blasted Grapevine

1. Beautifies your terrarium, aviary or cage.
2. Adds a sense of security for your animals.
3. Provides a natural climbing environment for all Arboreal type reptiles.
4. Perfect for providing basking areas, allows reptiles closer access to heat sources and UVB bulbs (i.e. ReptiSun 5.0 or Iguana Light 5.0).
5. Different sized and shaped branches provide proper "foot" exercise for chameleons and birds.
6. Excellent "chew toy" for all birds and small animals.
Medium Size (12")

Precision Analog Thermometer

1. For precise temperature monitoring in terrariums or small animal cages.
2. Extreme range from -20X to +140X F (-28X to 60XC)
3. Add additional thermometers, one in each temperature zone in your terrarium (for heat gradients).

Precision Analog Humidity Gauge

1. Accurately reads the amount of water vapor saturation (this means humidity) in the air of your terrarium.
2. Monitoring humidity is very important for all types of reptiles as it helps in preventing stress and dehydration, which can lead to respiratory, bacterial or fungal infections, skin shedding problems, etc. Besides, proper humidity levels make your herps happy!

Deluxe Analog Min/Max Thermometer

1. Records the highest and lowest temperatures during a 24 hour cycle.
2. For use on all types of animal enclosures where measuring the highest and lowest daily temperatures is critical.
3. Great for use in outdoor enclosures, kennels, breeding programs, egg incubators, bird aviaries, bird and reptile rooms, raising young animals and greenhouses.
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