Flat-tailed Tortoise
Pyxis planicauda (1867, Grandidier)
description A small and glamorous tortoise that has extreme variations in shell pattern
a.k.a Flat-backed spider tortoise, Madagascar flat-shelled tortoise, Madagascar flat-backed tortoise, Malagasy flat-tailed tortoise
distribution Western Madagascar;
known for certain only from immediate vicinity of the type locality

code : MG
adult size

5" - 6" carapax length

hatchling size approx. 1.5" carapax length
subspecies arachnoides, brygooi, oblonga
natural habitats Terrestrial; tropical forests
cage It does not seem to have very great space requirements. Cage does not need to be high since it does not climb much. (e.g. Wooden Terrarium, Glass Terrarium)
substrate Cypress or eucalyptus mulch, moss (e.g. Forest Bed , Forest Moss), barks (e.g. Repti Bark, Coconut Bark)

Since it digs, the depth of substrate should be at least 2" - 4"
activity period Daytime (diurnal);
12 - 14 hours each day with direct natural sunlight or UV lamp (e.g. ReptiSun 5.0, UV Heat Bulb)
temperature 30 - 35 ¢XC -- basking spot   (e.g. Basking Spot Lamp)
22 - 26 ¢XC -- cooler area   (e.g. Daylight Blue Bulb)
19 - 24 ¢XC -- at night   (e.g. Nightlight Red Bulb, Infrared Heat Lamp, Ceramic Heat Emitter)
humidity 75 - 80 %
water dish a large shallow water dish (e.g. Rock water dish) should be available for soaking and drinking all the time.
hiding place Optional. Possibllites include caves (e.g. Habba Hut, Heat Cave), etc
diet Herbivorous (plant-eating);

Various fruits (e.g. Plums, Peaches, Strawberries, Apples with skin, Kiwi, Starfruits, Papayas, Mangos, Tomatos, etc), Carrots, Mushrooms, Beans, Peas, Grass, Veggies, Lettuces, Flowers, Dark Leafy Greens (e.g. dandelions, mustards, collards, turnips, kales), Box Turtle & Tortoise Food , Tortoise Formula
notes a large diversity of plant matter should be offered
reproduction Oviparous

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