Armored Chameleon
Brookesia peramata
description One of the largest chameleons of the Brookesia family
distribution Madagascar, Africa
adult size approx. 4"
natural habitats Arboreal, Solitary; rock forests, between rocks and vegetation.
cage It should be tall instead of wide for Arboreal reptiles. (e.g. Wooden Terrarium, Glass Terrarium)
branch As it is Arboreal, a lot of branches are needed to climb and stay on (e.g. Habba Tree , Sand-Blasted Grapevine)
substrate Soil, moss (e.g. Forest Bed , Forest Moss), barks (e.g. Repti Bark, Coconut Bark)
activity period Daytime (diurnal);
12 - 14 hours each day with direct natural sunlight or UV lamp (e.g. ReptiSun 5.0, UV Heat Bulb)
temperature 28 - 29 ¢XC -- basking spot   (e.g. Basking Spot Lamp)
22 - 25 ¢XC -- cooler area   (e.g. Daylight Blue Bulb)
19 - 22 ¢XC -- at night   (e.g. Nightlight Red Bulb, Infrared Heat Lamp, Ceramic Heat Emitter)
humidity 50 - 70 %
water bowl A large water bowl should be available for drinking and put a pump inside to make water flowing. Chameleons usually cannot recognize still water.
hiding place Unnecessary
diet Insectivorous (insects-eating);
various insects and worms
notes Remove all the remaining insects because they (specially crickets) will be harassing it at night, resulting stress.

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