Reptile Paradise was established in 1994 with the objectives to arouse the public's awareness about reptiles and to share the wonders of reptile world with people who love and concern about reptiles.

In order to show people the beauty and amazement of reptile world, we have been working to establish a worldwide connection to import as many different species of reptiles as possible. You will find in the shop an excellent selection of reptiles including lizards, snakes, turtles, amphibians and invertebrates.

We are not only working here to bring you special and unique species of reptiles from different places in the world, but also provide you the convenience of "one-stop" shopping. Just drop by the shop, you will be able to find every thing you need to house your beloved reptiles. The high quality cages, imported foods, vitamins & medications, professional lighting & heating equipments, and a wide range of accessories... just name a few!

Don't wait! Come and share your experiences and excitements about reptiles with the professional team at Reptile Paradise. You will be surprised to find such a fascinating view of reptile world here!


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